Web design

At Estudio 94, we specialise in the design and development of static sites and single-page websites for your business. We work with Jamstack as well as classic CMS systems like WordPress, and we like to focus on usability and good user experience.

Nowadays, it is essential that websites can be viewed properly in a wide range of devices and screens, so at Estudio 94 we always follow a mobile-first approach. This means that our templates are always developed with mobile devices and small screens in mind, so that you can have a first-class experience whether at home or on the go.

We also believe that, in the age of social networks, it is more important than ever to properly tackle networking, communication and search-engine optimization. For this reason, we always make an effort to ensure that your website is well-equipped to work with the biggest search engines and social media platforms. We also like working with newsletters, which may prove to be a very effective tool to communicate with your customers and promote yourself in the digital sphere.